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About Sports Camp

Since its inaugural week in 1976, Sports Camp has been a week-long home to youth that love playing sports and games, making friends and having a blast.

Sports Camp is a week-long event open to youth of all skill levels that have completed 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade. From soccer, volleyball, softball and swimming; to ping pong, badminton, running and basketball; all this and even more sports, games and activities for ALL skill levels and abilities. Come to Sports Camp to meet new friends and grow as an individual and a Christian. If you want to play and have fun, then join us at Sports Camp!

There is a place for YOU!


The Outdoor Ministries via Pilgrim Park manages all of the registration for Sports Camp.

Registration for 2020 will open soon!

Camp Dates

Sunday @ 3pm, June 14th through Saturday @ 10am, June 20th

Pilgrim Park

Nestled down in a quiet, forrested valley just east of Princeton, Pilgrim Park has hosted Sports Camp for just under 4 decades. With 8 cabins, a large meeting space, dining facility, bathhouse, pool and more, it has been a magical place for over a thousand Sports Campers.

Pilgrim Park has heard the laughter, cheers and prayers of campers over the years and hosts places that are close to our hearts. From the memories of being in the cabins, on the field or the courts, up at the pool or the cross, or reflecting at the Geoff Rodgers' Memorial; all have special and different meanings to every camper and Staffer, and each place holds a special piece of the "magic" found at Sports Camp.


Sports Camp wants to make sure everyone feels a part of the "family". A boys' cabin and girls' cabin are paired together to form a "Family". The Counselors and CITs work hard to bring that family together and create a bond and memories that last forever.


Big group games on the field, relays, and an Olympics-style competition that features soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball, swimming, running, ping pong, badminton and even more! We stay busy and are constantly in motion moving from one activity to the next.


Through the family groups, discussion times, movies, videos, instructional times and our Olympic-style games, Sports Camp emphasizes teamwork, good play and playing for the love of the game.


Hopefully deepening your faith and relationship with God through all of the experiences mentioned. Sports Camp encourages Campers, and Staff, to be the person that they wish to be and strive to be the best version of that person. We emphasize loving each other for who you are and try to lead by example.

The Staff

Counselors and Counselors-In-Training (CITs)

The Staff

Sports Camp is so fortunate to have a dedicated group of volunteers that want to come back to camp each year. These amazing folks are the backbone of Sports Camp and really shape it each year. They have come from all over the globe to return to Sports Camp and be a part of the staff. Every year, the staff is very different but somehow their combined love of Sports Camp and unique talents come together to share the magic of Sports Camp with the Campers. Throughout our history, our Staff have almost always been Campers that have been outstanding leaders and even award winners. The Staff has special gifts and abilities that were evident as Campers, and they now lead the way with each new generation.

Scott, Suzy & Marc

9 Decades

Combined together, Scott, Marc and Suzy have over 90 years of experience at Sports Camp since they first attended as campers back in 1984. As campers, they caught the magic of Sports Camp and never wanted to leave. They were fortunate to come back as CITs, then Counselors and now have been Directors of Sports Camp since 2003. Their journey over the years is finally rewarding them with their own children being able to experience the magic of Sports Camp.

Scott Urban


Scott originates from Western Springs, spent some time in Oswego and Chicago, but has lived in Geneva for over 12 years with his wife and two children. Between youth groups in both Western Springs and St. Charles, he has been on roughly 15 Work Tour mission trips. Scott is an active Cubmaster and Den Leader and is getting pulled into Boy Scouts as well. In 2008, he was given the Community Leader Award by his alma mater, DePauw University. He struggles through his golf game, still tries to play soccer and loves to play just about anything. His oldest son is finally attending Sports Camp, while his youngest is chomping at the bit for his turn in a cabin.

Camp favorites:

Game: Bedlam

Sport: Soccer

Event: Tug-O-War

Meal: Corn Dogs

Place: Basketball Court at night

Marc Urban


Growing up in Western Springs, Marc was very active in the Plymouth Fellowship Youth Group through the First Congregational Church, both as a High School student, as well as 8 years as a volunteer adult leader. He was an avid basketball, soccer and baseball player, and his passion continues today. Most recently he was an assistant basketball coach at the High School Varsity level for 5 years, and continues to volunteer whenever possible. He has also coached soccer and baseball at the Park District level for several of his daughter's teams. Marc currently lives in Oswego with his two daughters. His oldest recently finished her fourth year at Sports Camp, and his youngest is anxiously awaiting her turn.

Camp favorites:

Game: Knock Your Socks Off

Sport: Basketball

Event: Tig-O-War (yeah Tiggers!)

Meal: Chicken Sandwiches

Place: Picnic Tables

Rev. Suzy Daly


Suzy has been a United Church of Christ Minister since 2000. The majority of her ministry has been with the CUCC in St. Charles, where she was the Associate Minister serving alongside Sports Camp founder Rev. Dr. John R Rodgers. For 16 years she led adult and youth work tours, shared in worship, leadership as well as coordinated mission and youth oppoutunities. After graduating from DePauw University, she served as a Peace Corps Volunteer which eventually led to her calling with the church. She currently lives in Geneva with her husband (also a UCC minister) and four children. Suzy coaches recreational soccer and serves on the PTO. Her two oldest attended Sports Camp, while the two youngest are very excited to soon become Sports Campers.

Camp favorites:

Game: The BLOB

Sport: Soccer

Event: Middle Distance Run

Meal: Taco Bar

Place: The Geoff Rodgers Memorial